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MainManager is FM180 Ltd's core Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) which users interact with via the Internet. This software-as-a-service model allows multiple global users to report, log and manipulate reactive and pre-planned maintenance work orders anywhere, at any time and on any system that has Internet access.

At the end of the day, a sound methodology is not enough - you need the tools and systems to implement plans in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Dr Brian Atkin
Researcher and writer on facility management


As our IWMS application is hosted in a UK Tier 3 Data Centre, all security and continuity is handled centrally. There are no complex roll outs, no local software clients, no local servers; just a web browser and Internet access.

Low Cost

Our system will deliver a lower cost of ownership through reductions in IT hardware, software and maintenance, as well as providing environmental benefits by actively reducing your carbon foot print.


Our design methodology has been and always will be: "keep it simple by providing user friendly systems, in line with the client's requirements". This has been achieved by not only an ergonomic left-to-right layout with easy workflow, but also by utilising comprehensive data filtering.

Long Term

MainManager is an asset based system where multi-hierarchy locations may be configured. Every action or reaction is assigned to an asset, allowing for long term Trend Analysis and Life Cycle calculations.

Find Out More

For a detailed overview of how MainManager can help your business, please read our MainManager guide, which covers the following:

  • An overview of MainManager
  • How MainManager can benefit different vocations
  • How MainManager can benefit different work sectors: governement, education and property
  • Standard features of MainManager
  • Additional modules
  • Information on our networking infrastructure
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MainManager for Professional Companies Online Brochure

MainManager has been in use and development with numerous companies from 1997 onwards. This collaboration has already created a lot of knowledge in the business environment of various professional companies which in turn contributes to the development of MainManager. Some of the main demands made by companies is the transparency of information, high cost awareness, well-informed users and powerful plans centered on the prioritization of assets, service functions and effective cost control.

MainManager for Professional Companies Online Brochure

When implementing MainManager for companies, we emphasise the accesibility of information on their properties, drawings, related documents, contacts for various services provided and any works intended for that year along with work history. At the same time, emphasis is put on enabling users to send information to management and following the improvement process.

Implementing MainManager's processes marks the start of a value-adding knowledge process. This means the build-up of knowledge of system behaviour and building parts, service providers, the needs of all stake holders, etc. This valuable knowledge lays the foundation for the improvement and adjustments of facility management...